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Esther McPhail

Jack's PACK 2019 - Go for the burn!🔥



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Friends, Rellies and Colleagues ...... I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!! Please read to the end xx 😘

This year, I am honoured to be invited to join my husband and his Police buddies in fundraising as part of Jack's PACK 2019.

Little bit about the Charity...

Jack’s PACK - Police Against Cancer in Kids, are the fundraising team of The Jack Foundation - Joining Against Cancer in Kids, which was set up during Jack Brown’s fight against the childhood cancer Neuroblastoma. Just over 9 years ago

Jack Brown, aged 7, lost his battle against this terrible disease which continues to affect over 100 children a year in the UK. Jack’s mum and dad are our colleagues, DCI Yvonne Brown and Retd. DS (now Civilian Investigator) Richard Brown from The Met.

Since then, every year, the charity has continued it's fundraising efforts and this year is no different.


What am I letting myself in for .....err *cough... what are we doing to fundraise?😁

We will be travelling to New York where we will run a half marathon in Central Park New York, a 5k race and pull an actual life size plane!!

Those of you who know me will know that this is agonna be a MAHOOSIVE challenge for me on a personal level (cos of my back condition) ..... but I'm going to do it! 👊🏼

Yes there will be (lots of) fun along the way my target is to raise AT LEAST £500 in sponsorship for this amazing cause! 💰💰💰 

Rough calculations would say I'd hit my target if either  50 friends x £10,   100 friends x £5, or 200 friends x £2.50 ....... (I have over 1,000 friends on Facebook so I'm quietly confident that you smash my target for me! 😉)

Dig deep, share the love and I'll be eternally grateful to you for your support .... mwah! 😘

Love and hugs🤗



Esther is fundraising towards


We at Joining Against Cancer in kids support research and families to find a cure for Neuroblastoma. Our charity is run by volunteers and we direct money raised into treatment research and support for families whose children are fighting this terrible disease. The pack raise money towards fighting this disease ...

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